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  • Dear Sirs:
    In order to reach an agreement with interested parties.We sincerely invite you to express your true thoughts and suggestions, and help us understand the issues of your concern, which will serve as a reference for information disclosure. This questionnaire is for analysis only.No personal information is required.Thank you again for your help.
  • Please check the degree of concern for the following topics, if not, please check [None]::
  • Information related to supplier management and similar aspects.
  • The generated and distributed economic value, obligations regarding benefit determination, financial assistance received from the government, and the financial impact of climate change.
  • Prevention of corruption and unethical conduct.
  • Tax management and tax policies.
  • R&D investments, product manufacturing processes, innovations, etc.
  • Composition and operations of the Board of Directors, responsibilities of directors, supervisors and the Remuneration Committee, etc.
  • Investments in the management of different types of energy, and the performance in their consumption.
  • Use of water resources, wastewater discharge, water conservation measures, control practices for water quality management.
  • The level of attention given to environmental issues within the supply chain (e.g., energy, water, emissions).
  • Inventory and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions, carbon reduction policies.
  • Control and prevention of environmental pollution, and the performance of resource recycling.
  • Taking measures to minimize negative impacts on ecosystems, species, and biodiversity, while promoting the conservation and sustainability of ecosystems.
  • Measures developed to promote resource recycling and waste reduction through the management, sourcing, and quantity of materials used.
  • Social issues within the supply chain (e.g., labor relations, occupational health and safety, child labor, forced or compulsory labor).
  • Issues concerning the occupational health and safety of employees.
  • The impact of product safety, risk management, and their implications on customer health and safety.
  • The commitment to transparency and accuracy for consumers in marketing activities, using promotional materials, labels, statements, or messages, ensuring compliance of marketing and labeling with relevant regulations and standards.
  • Practices for labor–management negotiation, labor–management disputes and channels for employee communication.
  • Employee training, contents of training, performance indicators, career planning, etc.
  • Our interactions with the adjacent communities, participation in charitable activities, investment of resources as contributions to the communities, etc.


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