Corporate Mountain Cleaning Day Activity Sharing

AGV upholds the belief in "For A Health Tomorrow". Through organizing the "Get Close to Cleanliness, Mountain Cleaning, and Hiking Day," not only can employees recognize the importance of "environmental protection and cultivating exercise habits" during the process, but also "helping employees relieve physical and mental stress and promoting environmental sustainability" is the company's top priority.
Focusing on the trails that can be cleaned in Alishan, Chiayi County, the selected mountain cleaning locations for 2024 include the Shanglin Wooden Trail and the Fenzhi Trail (approximately 2.5 kilometers in total length), with the hope of fulfilling corporate social responsibility and boosting employee morale.
Through this activity, hearts of employees are united, as they wander together in the embrace of nature, maintaining harmony of body, mind, and spirit, leaving behind many beautiful memories. At the same time, it also awakens everyone to cherish the natural landscape of our local Chiayi County, advocating for environmental protection and loving the Earth, getting "close" to nature while also "cleaning" it.
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