Love is an unwavering corporate social responsibility: Loving the company, society, the environment, and the employees.

Half a century ago, the founders of AGV embarked on their journey with a simple yet profound principle – love. Over the decades, this love has evolved from a sense of responsibility towards their families into a profound commitment to lifelong dedication, the betterment of society and the nation, the preservation of the Earth’s environment, and a deep affection for the employees and their families who work tirelessly alongside them. The teachings and foresight of AGV’s founding generation continue to be deeply ingrained in the hearts of the management and every employee. AGV firmly believes that corporate social responsibility is not a burden but rather the cornerstone of building a century-old legacy. It’s a sweet promise that remains unwavering: to love the company, to love society, to love the environment, and to love the employees.
Thanks to recent global trends and government policies that encourage listed companies to actively fulfill Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), advancing in four major dimensions: Environmental Protection, Social Participation, Corporate Governance, and Enterprise Commitment, AGV has been able to develop its sustainable business strategy and align with international political and economic trends. This approach has enabled AGV to progress continuously toward sustainable business practices and environmental prosperity. As a result of these efforts, AGV has maintained stable growth in revenue, profits, market share, and customer loyalty over the years. Even in the face of severe challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic since 2020, geopolitical conflicts, and inflation, AGV’s tangible and intangible advantages have allowed the company to perform robustly in both Corporate Social Performance (CSP) and Corporate Financial Performance (CFP). AGV not only exceeds expectations from various stakeholders but also fosters mutual support and mutually beneficial relationships, demonstrating resilience in both short and long-term performance.
To further proactively address the increasing global emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in recent years, our management has long been committed to balancing both financial and non-financial performance in our operations. Simultaneously, our Sustainable Management Responsibility Team remains vigilant in monitoring the timely disclosure of corporate social performance information, as assessed by international sustainability ratings such as CDP and DJSI, and relevant advocacy organizations like GRI and IIRC. We continuously assess, review, enhance, and track our efforts to align with international trends and standards, and in some cases, even stay ahead of them. Drawing from the collective expertise of international sustainability rating agencies, the guidance of government regulatory bodies, and the foresight of Taiwan’s listed companies, AGV’s Sustainable Management Responsibility Team has consolidated the latest strategic directions and action plans for corporate social performance: 1. Corporate Commitment Promise 2. Social Welfare Promise 3. Environmental Sustainability Promise 4. Employee Well-being Promise These commitments reflect our dedication to comprehensive corporate social responsibility and our commitment to enhancing the well-being of our employees, supporting the community, and ensuring the sustainability of our environment. These commitments reflect our dedication to comprehensive corporate social responsibility and our commitment to enhancing the well-being of our employees, supporting the community, and ensuring the sustainability of our environment. These commitments reflect our dedication to comprehensive corporate social responsibility and our commitment to enhancing the well-being of our employees, supporting the community, and ensuring the sustainability of our environment.

1.【Love Company】Corporate Governance Commitment: Business Responsibility, Quality Safety, Research and Innovation

Listed companies are the benchmark for all private enterprises, not only gaining access to the largest national social resources but also earning the trust and expectations of the general public. Love Taste deeply understands the importance of food in people’s lives and the responsibilities and commitments that come with being a food company. Guided by the corporate vision of “Making Tomorrow Healthier” and a commitment to “Great Health” in food safety, we spare no effort in overseeing both financial and non-financial aspects of our business. We implement a fair, equitable, and transparent supply chain management system and strive to comply with food safety policies and regulations. We continually innovate through research and development in laboratories certified to national standards by TAF and TFDA, aiming to enhance our innovative advantages and align our quality standards with international norms.

Business Responsibility:
Our team is dedicated to maintaining positive and steady financial performance in terms of revenue, gross margin, operating margin, and net profit margin. Earnings per share and shareholders’ equity have also shown significant improvements. In the area of corporate governance, we wholeheartedly promote various non-financial indicators of corporate social responsibility, including compliance with environmental laws, energy management, pollution prevention, and environmentally friendly policies, all held to the highest standards.

Quality Safety:
The promise of delivering products that “Make Tomorrow Healthier” is the cornerstone of Love Taste’s foundation. Whether it’s product traceability, record keeping, simple formulations, or clean labels, we consistently adhere to the natural and the best. Love Taste Central Health Science Research Institute is committed to product innovation and process optimization, aiming for products that are pure, natural, and free from contamination. Our product formulations adhere to the principles of simplicity and clean labels, eliminating unnecessary artificial additives, and moving toward health, deliciousness, sustainability, and naturalness.

Research and Innovation:
Love Taste invests approximately 40 to 50 million New Taiwan Dollars annually in research and innovation. We have not only established nationally certified laboratories that meet TAF ISO/IEC 17025 and TFDA standards but also attracted and nurtured top food science talents from both domestic and international sources. Research and innovation serve as Love Taste’s leading engine in the market, as well as a robust defense against quality issues and food safety risks. Over the years, we have accumulated 11 domestic and international food patents, dozens of national health certification marks, and hundreds of domestic and international awards, including the World Food Gold Award, the highest honor of EU AA No Additives certification, the International Flavor Assessment Institute’s Excellent Flavor Award, Silver Friendly Food for the Elderly, the Food Industry Research Institute’s Silver Friendly Food for the Elderly selection, the International Flavor Assessment Institute’s Excellent Flavor Award, the Taiwan Health Food Association’s Innovation Award, the Foodpower Food Innovation Award, the Taiwan Food Science Society’s Product Commendation Award, the Japan Food Professional Award, and the SNQ National Quality Award, among others. These efforts and achievements demonstrate Love Taste’s commitment to corporate governance, quality safety, and research and innovation, as well as the company’s unwavering dedication to long-term sustainability and social contributions.

2. 【Love Society】Engaging in Philanthropic Commitments: Industry Associations, Charitable Organizations, Government Groups

With a commitment to corporate citizenship and social welfare, and guided by the principle of taking from society and giving back to society, Love Taste has been actively involved in various professional associations such as the Taiwan Canned Food Industry Association, the Taiwan Beverage Industry Association, the Taiwan Food Science and Technology Association, the Taiwan Grains Industry Development Association, the Taiwan Food Industry Development Association, and the Taiwan Health Food Association. We provide support and participate in sponsoring events organized by government, industry, and academic institutions, fully embodying our commitment to social participation. Furthermore, we have established strong interactive relationships through long-term involvement with charitable organizations and have contributed to the development of leisure activities and the maintenance of road greening projects, among other endeavors that promote social welfare. Examples of our contributions include support for organizations such as the Chinese Andrew Charitable Association, the Huashan Social Welfare and Charitable Foundation, the Chiayi City Association for the Physically Handicapped, the Chiayi County Sunshine Hearing-Impaired Association, the Taipei City Missing Children’s Welfare Foundation, the Genesis Social Welfare Foundation, the Chiayi Veterans Service Office, the Minxiong Township Office in Chiayi County, and sponsored activities for the Chiayi County Health Bureau, among others.

3. 【Love the Environment】Environmental Sustainability Commitment: Proactive Planning, Environmental Responsibility, Coexistence and Prosperity

For many years, Love Taste has considered “sustainable development” as one of the essential principles in its business operations. This concept represents not only the growth of the company but also its commitment to corporate social responsibility while pursuing that growth. To survive as a business, one must first be kind to the land. From employees to families, from the company’s self-management to its advocacy for cooperative partners, this philosophy is embedded in our core values, and it is our way of giving back a cleaner Earth to the next generation. Apart from continuously improving our production technology, we also adhere to the environmentally friendly 3R principle of Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse, which effectively manages resources like water, raw materials, and waste. More importantly, it helps prevent pollution and public harm caused by the production process. In recent years, the larger environment has faced significant impacts due to economic growth, indirectly affecting many ecosystems. Therefore, our company is even more committed to energy conservation and carbon reduction. We have developed environmental management programs following the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) model. Throughout this process, we have established indicators and continuously monitored and controlled factors such as electricity and water usage, wastewater generation, waste production, and production capacity. Our specific policies include:

Environmental Protection Policy (Dedicated Team, Compliance with Environmental Laws, Performance Monitoring)

Water and Energy Resource Management Policy (Green Energy Integration, Wastewater Recycling, Carbon Emission Offset)

Pollution Prevention and Control Policy (Emphasizing Recycling, Secondary Prevention, Compliance with Regulations)

Green and Environmentally Friendly Policy (Environmental Materials, Energy Efficiency, Bio-Friendliness)

4. 【Love for Employees】Promise of a Happy Workplace: In the Name of Love, Driven by Love, Managed with Love

In the name of love, Love Taste not only cares for its employees but also aspires to be a leading “happiness enterprise.” Beyond corporate governance, social engagement, and environmental sustainability, all management planning and decisions are made in the spirit of love, with love as our guiding principle. We hope that our employees, who strive together and work towards their ideals, can live harmoniously within the Love Taste and Love Integrity family. Love Taste extends the taste of love to every individual working diligently within the group. Guided by the entrepreneurial motto of “Harmony with Love, Valuing Harmony,” we provide a safe, healthy, and joyful workplace environment that allows employees to balance work and family life. We also actively plan to enhance employees’ professionalism and capabilities, enabling them to grow and prosper in tandem with the company. People are the heart of an organization, and Love Taste firmly believes that people are the core and most valuable asset of a company. The starting point and endpoint of corporate social responsibility lie with people. As long as a company possesses love, both people and society can achieve environmental sustainability and mutual prosperity.
Just as the vision on Love Taste’s brand logo states, “Let Tomorrow Be Healthier,” the hope of the nation and its people rests in the future, and the hope of the future lies in health. This is Love Taste’s ultimate commitment to corporate social responsibility. Food safety and consumer health have been the guiding principles of Love Taste since its inception, following the motto “In the Name of Love, Driven by Love, Managed with Love.” We promise that we will never compromise on quality, never shirk our responsibility to society, and never fall short of our commitment to the public. Love Taste understands that businesses bear a greater responsibility. With love, we repay this land where we were born and raised. Our forward-thinking concept of “Live Joyfully, Be Environmentally Friendly, Be Green, Be Healthy” is born from this sentiment. Starting from the spirit of “A Loving Enterprise,” we convey and implement the promise of environmental sustainability and coexistence for our employees, their families, suppliers, shareholders, partners, and society at large.