Company Information 

Stock Code:1217industrial classification:Food
Company Name:AGV PRODUCTS CORP.Tel: (05) 2211521-4
Chairman:Kuan-Han ChenPresident:Chih-Chan Chen
Spokesperson:Kuan-Han ChenSpokesperson Title:Chairman
Spokesperson Tel:(05) 2211521Deputy spokesperson:Chih-Chan Chen, Chien-Hua Chen, Hung-Chi Hsiao
Main of Business Scope :Food
Establishment Date: 1971/06/26Unified Business No.:65534366
Total Paid-in Capital (NT$):4,945,133,360listing date:1989/10/28
common stock:494,513,336special stock:0
Institution handling share transfer:Capital Securities CorporationTel:(02) 27023999
Address:B2, No. 97, Sec. 2, Dunhua S. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106
Accounting firm name:Crowe (TW) CPAs
CPAs 1:Shu-Man Tsai
CPAs 2:Ling-Wen Huang
Corporate bonds:None
Address (Street Number):NO.11,Kung Yeh Second Rd.,Min Hsiong Industrial Zone
Address (County and City Country): Chiayi Hsien,Taiwan
Fax:(05) 2216287