Corporate Governance Officer

The Company has resolved at the 12th meeting of 17th Board of Directors on March 23, 2021 to hire the current HR Department Director, Yueh-Chu Tsai, to concurrently serve as the Corporate Governance Officer. As an MBA of National Chiayi University with years of experience in compliance and stock affairs, Director Yueh-Chu Tsai meets the regulations of the Best-Practice Principles. The main duties to be performed by her include handling matters related to Board of Directors’ and shareholders’ meetings, making minutes of the Board of Directors’ and shareholders’ meetings, assisting assumption of office and continuing education of directors, providing information required for directors to perform their duties and assisting the legal compliance of the directors.

The focus of business implementation and status of continuing education is as follows:

1.     Handling matters related to Board of Directors meetings, Audit Committee meetings, Remuneration Committee meetings and shareholders’ meetings, informing all directors to attend the meeting at least seven days in advance with provision of sufficient meeting information and preparing minutes of the Board of Directors meetings, Audit Committee meetings, Remuneration Committee meetings and shareholders’ meetings.

2.     Provision of information required for performance of duties by the directors and latest development of laws and regulations related to company management.

3.     Provision of information related to continuing education for directors to assist them in legal compliance.

4.     Registration of the meeting date of the Board of Directors within the period specified by the laws, preparation and filing of the meeting notices, handbooks, meeting minutes and annual reports before the deadline.

5.     Dealing with company registration and change of registration.

6.     Matters related to investor relations.

7.     Review on the corporate governance evaluation indicators published every year and review of the achievements completed by the Company item by item.

8.     Other matters described or established in the articles of incorporation or under contract.

9.     The annual total hours of continuing education were 17 hours and the details was registered in the employee training system of the Company’s HR education & training system.

DateCourse TitleHour
2022.02.23Latest Corporate Governance Policy Analysis and Establishment of corporate governance officer Audit Law Compliance Practice6
2022.07.27Sustainable Development Pathmap Industry Thematic Promotion Conference2
2022.10.212011 Prevention of insider trading3
2022.11.23Common deficiencies in financial results review and practice analysis of important internal control regulations6